Javascript Solution One Simple Line of Code

Works for any website or platform, just place the snippet above the body tag and you are ready to add new languages to your page

                                <script id="tss-script" src="">  </script>


Hosted on CDN for ultra speed

Speed matters. The javascript SDK and Translatestack ® API is optimized to deliver a fast experience around the globe.

No Re-implementation Needed for Updates

Once you implemented your sdk, can can easily add and manage all translations without touching code.

How it worksA straightforward implementation to get started

Integrate Code Snippet

Place your snippet above the body tag into your website and validate your page

All Text Strings will be Fetched

Once deployed and validated, all text strings will be fetched and displayed in your dashboard

Add & manage new languages

You are now able to add all translations, invite collaborators as well as scale to new audiences

Start to Scale your Audience We enable businesses to scale internationally

Adding languages to your website is one of the easiest growth hacks to attract new audiences. It even helps to increase your conversation rates by adding more trust with native languages.


Pages world wide supported


Text strings fetched for translation

Ease of use One Dashboard to manage your integration & translations

No-Code Customization Tool

Adjust the appearance of the drop down to your needs. You can even define where your language drop down should appear

Full control over all strings

Manage all your translations from your dashboard and add languages to your page as soon as you are ready.

Estimate your potential gainsWhich language would start to add?

There are 76M+ with German as their first language.

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